About us

About us

Online store is a retail division of LLC "Nadіyny іnternet store."

We offer our clients:

a wide range of consumer electronics;
reasonable pricing;
fast and timely delivery;
payment upon receipt of goods (no prepayment);
after-sales service;
great service.
This is the place where the goods before buying, you can get the necessary advice, read the reviews and test results, as well as feedback from other customers.

The motto of our work has become a popular German saying - "Der Kunde ist König", which means "The client - is King"! This attitude towards the customer was the basis of the three principles of our work:

interests of the client - it is the highest priority;
to do everything possible so that the client enjoyed shopping;
unquestioningly comply with legal requirements, in particular the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.

It is easy to trust
Internet shops have appeared in Ukraine not so long ago, so a certain percentage confidence to shopping through the virtual shop window is still present. Of course, this is a temporary phenomenon, but it is usually affected by the decision of the Ukrainians to give up easy ways to buy over the Internet, and to give preference to the more troublesome and time-consuming trek to a regular store. Buyers fear for the quality of warranty and service, as well as the security of the transaction.

With this in mind, we have tried to do the activities online store as open and transparent for our customers.

can be found on the "Kontaty" page, how to get here. By visiting our office, you will be able to talk personally with a counselor, get answers to questions, to get acquainted with interesting goods and a balanced decision on purchase.

The range of the online store are only official and legally imported into the territory of Ukraine goods. All products are covered by the official warranty and service support of authorized service centers throughout Ukraine.

For a complete list of diplomas and certificates can be in the "Certificates" page

It is easy to choose
Convenience and ease of selection in our store have become fundamental factors in the development of the site.

For the most comfortable and quick selection, we use one of the best in Uanete filter system, which undoubtedly greatly simplifies and facilitates the selection process.

An experienced user may ask, why duplicate the functionality that exists in the directory, for example hotline.ua iliprice.ua? The difference is that at sites catalogs by selecting the user receives information about the information that is information on where the goods may be interested and maybe he will be there at the stated price. In practice, unfortunately, the declared information is not always confirmed by the presence of a real or fair price.

Making the choice in our store buyer gets 100% reliable information on the availability and price. Thus, if the proposed cost for you, it is enough to make just a few mouse clicks or a phone call to the desired product in a few hours I have been in your home. Agree, it is much more convenient than calls to several shops.