cash payment
Payment is accepted only in UAH. Cash available for all delivery methods and Pickup. Upon receipt of the order you will receive a receipt and warranty card.

Cashless payment
Our company is a VAT payer. Upon receipt of the order, you will receive a package of necessary documents - Invoice, Sales Invoice, tax invoice, warranty card.

For bills make a reservation through the website or call the number listed on the site.

Work with budget enterprises
With low cost companies we work only on advance payment.
According to the decree of Cabinet of Ministers on 23th April 2014 №117 «About the commission prepayment of goods, works and services procured for the budget money", budget organizations may carry out a pre-payment (for no longer than 1 month) for the goods, the cost of not more than 100 000 hryvnia.

Given that the delivery of the goods is much less than 1 month, please budgetary organizations to coordinate in advance the possibility of such prepayment and implement it according to the invoice.

New rules for the receipt of goods, paid by bank transfer

    Dear partners!

Due to the increasing incidence of fraud in obtaining goods that have been paid for by wire transfer, we have to introduce new rules for obtaining goods from the 18th February 2016.

Obtaining goods by individuals or individuals-predprinimatatelyami:

FL or FL-P can get the goods only in person upon presentation of the original identity document. Deliveries can be made at the point of self-delivery, targeted delivery in Ukraine or to separate the carrier.

Obtaining goods by legal persons:

The order can be obtained only one who was not in the power of attorney or director in the presence of supporting documents.

Required documents:

- Original power of attorney (power of attorney can be sent using M.E.Doc program, to view the creation of an algorithm that send follow the link);

- Copy of the order on the appointment of the director or the person who signs the power of attorney;

- A copy of the first page of the passport trustee.

If the delivery address is different from the legal address of the enterprise, you must send originals of the above documents to our address, after which the delivery will be carried out.

If delivery to the registered address of the enterprise, it is sufficient to send the above documents by e-mail and send paper copies upon receipt of order.

These rules do not apply to:

- Transactions with customers with whom we have signed long-term contracts;

- Orders worth less than 2000 USD.

Credit cards *

On our website you can pay VISA and MasterCard credit cards