Choose monochromatic bag of the same color as the shoes; too old-fashioned. Nothing can come up with boring and tasteless than the black-colored bag and shoes with indistinct gray suit.
Bag or shoes in the first place should be combined with the clothes!
And, if you have black shoes and bag, then in this case must be at least black gloves
How to dress, when it is impossible to give up your favorite pair of black shoes and bags
- Dressed all in black, but be sure to add an image or a bracelet with a handkerchief.
- Add at least black gloves. Desirably, garment pattern also had a black color.
- Add black pants and a clock.
- Still buy a bag of color that dominates in your wardrobe. Diversity is sometimes useful.
Of course, black you can replace any other base color and following the above rules will look like in-fashion. Classic can also be modern if approached wisely!