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Brand: Vitacci
Brand: Vitacci
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Far, far beyond the verbal mountains in the country of vowels and consonants live fish texts. Away from all the letters they live in houses on the shore of a large language ocean semantics. A small trickle of Dal rushing across the country and provides it with all the necessary rules. This paradigmatic country in which the sentence fried fly directly into the mouth. Even the almighty punctuation has no power over fisheries texts, leading bezorfografichny lifestyle.
   Once a small fishing line text called Lorem ipsum decided to enter into the world of grammar. Great Oksmoks warned her about the evil commas, question marks, and wild cunning semicolon, but the text did not give misled. He gathered his seven caps, belted initial belt and set off on the road. After climbing to the top of the first cursive mountain, he threw a last glance back at the silhouette of his hometown Bukvograd on header Alphabet Village and the subtitle of his lane line. Sad rhetorical question rolled down his cheek, and he continued on his way. On the road I met the text of the manuscript.